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Corporate Aims

Olympic Chemicals Industries are engaged in manufacturing the quality of all types of Plaster of Paris like Plaster of Paris Alpha grade, Stone Plaster and Dental Plaster from over 40 years in India.


We began with an aim to manufacture plaster quality based on customer requirements and with the purpose of customizing cost-effective solutions. Since then, we have been doing business with numerous reputed organizations across India and overseas. Our Vision is providing quality and certainty which inspires innovation, generates research and enhance the standards.

Technology Perspective

The Olympic Chemicals Industries are staffed with qualified chemical experts and technicians, each with at least 20 years of track record. We focus on modern applications & durability improvement of products as well as advances in technology.

Global Standards

#Surface Quality
#Physical Properties
#Chemical Properties

Quality Policies

Our quality policy is based on the fact "Preference for our products can be simulated not by marketing strategy but by the sheer quality of plaster of paris, dental grade plaster in India we produce"


1. Our anticipation of future trends governs the high level of technical innovation and aesthetic effect for which our products like plaster of paris Alpha, stone plaster, dental plaster in India stand out.


2. We owe our continual success to the constant and substantial investment of time, human resources, focused funding in technology, raw materials and chemicals' testing, all with objective of producing all types of plaster in India that are avant-grade of quality.


3. We insist that at stage production qualities such as durability finish and colour behaviour will never be compromised.

Give us a call : 0281-2388271
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