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Alpha Plaster of Paris


  • High Strength Ceramic Plaster for Hemi-hydrate plaster with low water/plaster ratio applications

  • Develops high mechanical strength

  • Suitable for block and case moulds.



Water / Plaster Ratio                       50ml to 100gram

Diameter of Vicat ring (30mm)        230mm - 280mm

Initial Setting time                            20-30 minutes

Final Setting time                            50-70 minutes

Temperature rise (deg.C)                9 min.

M.O.R. (Kg/cm2)                             80 min.

Apparent Porosity                            28% min.





Free Moisture                                    2% max.

Insoluble Impurities NH4Cl               5% max.

Water of Crystallisation                     6% max.

Calcium Sulphate                              85% min.

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